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Genesis-2000 (a new beginning)

1 At first here was God all alone
except that He was Three-In-One
and then He said: "Now let Me see;
there's nothing here! So let it be
that energy, self-remaking,
shall be for Me the firstest thing."
An erg He made, then one the same
it made itself - He watched the game
that gradually made for Him light
(but no need yet for day, or night).
Then, suddenly, for time-was-not;
the universe came from a spot
and then (to end this bit of rhyme)
relativity brought time.

2 Now in this time the stars grew old
and planets made; some hot, some cold.
And some had names and others none
but all were gems of creation.
While some gases made hard forms
others gathered up as storms
making worldly atmospheres.
At last, a living form appears
and suddenly this kaleidoscope
of creation brings God new hope:
"Could this life bring hence for Me
prior unknown company?"
With this one great wish we can
see how God created man.

3 Meanwhile as all this went on
in these firmaments there shone
another thing - intelligence...
only God can tell us whence
this thing did come.
Now this thing some
varied natures did partake
and weird beings did thus make
which have no physic form
yet freely they do storm
throughout the land, the sea and sky
and through space too - and that's no lie.
Wondrous weavers of magic spells
these strange things we call angels.

4 All these beings were so wise
they could see that in God's eyes
though they were very pure
all that their being was for
was to praise upon the air
glory of their God so fair.
Adoration of their Lord
they all sang with one accord
and some sang with such acclaim
that God gave to each a name,
such as glorious Gabri-yel,
or the radiant Rapha-yel.
Sad that none foresaw the fall
of Lucifer, greatest of all.

5 Now Lucifer was so refined
as an almost perfect mind,
his wondrous intelligence
often made him wonder whence
all had come.
And why did some
of all these creatures fair
have a rather greater share
of love of their Lord?
He took up a sword
and said to his Creator:
"My Lord! Is it too late a
time to change this plan?
For I am greater than a man!"

6 "Ah, would you repeat every word?
I think I must have not right heard!"
His feelings the Lord could not hide...
"You hurt me deep, " He sadly cried.
The Creator's unhappy word
throughout the universe was heard
and one small angel, Micha-yel
cried to his great Maker, "Well
my Lord these feelings cannot be
allowed to flourish here by me...
Lucifer!" he bravely cried,
"do not try to run and hide!"
After an almighty fight
Lucifer was put to flight.

7 Well Lucifer was drove to Hell
the only place where you can tell
that the Creator's mighty scheme
to create love and light does seem
to have a flaw.
For past that door
the beauty of the singing spheres
seemingly just disappears
and Iove of God and light and warm
is twisted, bent and takes a form
of evil loathing, hate and spite;
the warmth of day is lost in night
of anguish, pain and grim despair
because the Lord is banned from there.

8 As he was driven from the light
of God and love into the night
great Lucifer gave out a cry
You gave free will to me and my
echelons, so we will make
our best attempts that we can take
this man, this supreme of Your toys,
to hell with us. We'll use our ploys,
and all our wits to our avail
to make him sour Your holy Grail.
You chose to make him more than an angel
and now I've hell I'm jealous. Ah, well!
That man which You thought company
will be Your curse; just wait and see!"

9 But Satan went and man remained
in peace and love and life unstained
for all who stayed in God's good light
and none need stray into the night.
Now man, he truly was a prize
a perfect likeness in God's eyes
of God Himself. This paradox
will later be explained. The clocks
of fate ticked on and Satan wiled
to figure how this God-like child
could be perverted, made to think
that love and light and food and drink
and peace in God were not enough;
that mankind too was greater stuff.

10 Now Adam walked alone with God
and did not think that aught was odd.
But his free will gave him the urge
to give love back to God; a surge
of feeling came deep from his soul;
an ache that said he wasn't whole.
So that this man could be complete
the great and loving God saw meet
to make a spouse, a loving mate
for God-like man. Even though fate
and Lucifer (there, don't forget!)
would use this pair to cheat God, yet
He went ahead so man could feel
that man's own love for God was real.

11 So man and woman both became
children of God and were the same
and like to Him in all but power.
They lived on earth, 'twas then a bower
for evil was not there unfurled.
Now Lucifer with senses curled
and evil intent was to turn
the lady's head; he made her spurn
God's good advice. The devil said,
to put ideas into her head,
that man and spouse could have a power
which God had locked into a sour
fruit tree; knowledge of bad and good
God had it and also man should!

12 So, people lived within this bower
and sang and walked and shared the power
which God, Creator and the Father
gave to the children who would rather
show their gratitude to Him
Who gave them life and love and limb
than be like that angel fallen
whose love for God was now so small an'
full of envy, hate and greed
he concocted the evil deed
when Eve he brought unto the tree
of wise and what good and bad be,
"Taste the fruit, learn the truth
and wise as Him you'll be forsooth!"

13 Oh, poor maid Eve; she had such guile
she listened to that worm awhile
and then she thought "If I just take
a little bite I'll know this snake
for what he is, then I can cope
with him". She bit, o what a dope!
"What have I done? Oh, foolish me!
Now I can the evil see!
Oh fallen angel, your wicked goal
has been achieved; now this lost soul
must also drag its wondrous mate
into your mire and world of hate,"
Together then they schemed and planned
how to get Adam join their band.

14 "Oh, Adam" called his maiden fair
"I beg of you my fate to share.
The worm tricked me to taste this fruit
and now I beg you follow suit
for otherwise we'll be apart
you'll lose your place here in my heart."
Poor Adam still was innocent
his heart and will were not yet bent.
He was but half, she was the other,
how could the man deny his lover?
The fruit he ate to learn his fate
that he was weak, just like his mate.
While Satan laughed at them, in shame
they cried "We have scurrilled God's Name!"

15 The Lord came forth, His children hid
from Him; He called "What have you did?"
'Twas Lucifer who broke our will;
we knew no shame, good or evil,
we ate the fruit. We have done wrong.
Our souls for innocence again do long."
But God replied that they had failed
His trust and while the two deep quailed
the sentence on them came to pass
they had lost paradise alas.
So now the earth they had to till
their life no longer by God's Will
became a strain; and not by trying
could they find heaven, only dying.

16 Then Lucifer came to God's court
to be chastised for what he ought
not have done with God's best prize
which now was sullied in God's Eyes.
"Oh, evil one I clip your wings
now you must crawl to do the things
which you are free to do to Me.
But, wretched worm just wait and see!
My greatest product yet not made
a lovely girl, a charming maid,
shall win My children back for Me.
She will a glorious haven be
to crush your head and bear My Son;
through her man's saving will be done".

17 And then to man his God well stated
the final sentence was abated.
Endless hell now could be spared
heaven could again be shared
but not just yet, man had to work
and daily toil he must not shirk.
A maiden with her saving Chil'
would be along yet in a while,
but until then man must strive still
to heed the signs and do God's Will.
Until the one true to God's scheme
man must struggle, toil and dream
on earth and work hard for a sign
to see that they keep God's design.

18 Now in due time a man was born
whom God could trust. His heart was torn
when he was asked to give his child
as sacrifice but he defiled
his Maker not; the boy was given
even though his soul was riven.
Because of this the child was left
that Abraham was not bereft.
The Lord instead gave him a pledge
"More than the sands at water's edge
shall be your children through the earth.
They shall be great, will show their worth
for from them comes the Saviour
promised by Me in days of yore."

19 Oh happy father Abraham
whose clan produced the pascal lamb!
But many ages still to go
before the Son of God would show
and offer to the world the way
to go and so to save the day;
to overturn the evil one
and stand again as God's true son.
But trials still to come were many:
exiles, famines, one-a-penny.
Yet the chosen race was true
for its fathers thought they knew
the one way and God stayed near
His people who to Him were dear.

20 Finally the chosen nation
came to Israel, last station
on the journey through the earth
to the age when God gave birth
to His Own Begotten Son
from the maiden who had won
His Favour; she was mild
and meek and so she had His Child.
The girl who never would have sinned
became the one who underpinned
the Covenant made years before
by God with man when He foresaw
the victory of man o'er evil
and final thwarting of the devil.

21 But hang about, let's not rush;
like Moses 'fore the burning bush
dally now and hear the words
sweetly said 'midst song of birds:
"Hail, full of grace, the Lord's with thee!
Mother of His Child you'll be
for with God you've found great favour;
you can help create man's Saviour".
"How can that be, I am not wise,
there's been no man before my eyes?"
"But I am Gabriel, you see
God's messenger I am to be:
His Own Spirit will cover you
there's nothing for a man to do."

22 "If what you say to me is true
as God's Will's what I long to do
then let it come about this way
and in God's Love I'll trust and pray."
Then Mary to her heart-throb said
"Dear Joe, don't think you were misled
for now I bear Another's Son,
our very God my heart has won!"
But Joe said "Sweet! I got the word,
angel's voice I too have heard.
You still must come and with me live
and all my care to you I give.
Your eyes have always me beguiled,
I still love you; Ill love your child".

23 It came to pass that in that time
(this isn't just to make this rhyme)
the Roman Empire ruled the world
and Caesar's lips were getting curled.
The money in was not enough
to buy his food and girls, and stuff;
to keep his empire on its tracks
he'd have to have another tax.
So folk to tax he gave decree
that all in empire had to be
registered in their home town.
Boy, he knew how to get down
to the root of all his wealth,
using trick and ploy and stealth.

24 Now Joseph was from David's line
and so for Bethlehem did pine.
His spouse he told, "We have to go
and in our town our faces show.
When we're there we'll not long tarry;
I'll buy a donkey, you to carry.
Though the journey's very long
through His Child God's made you strong.
With His angels as outriders
we'll be safe. His Hand will guide us."
Mary said, "With you I'll go
though the journey will be slow;
alone my heart would burn with fire,
to be with you's my lone desire."

25 So off they went to keep the law
and came to Bethlehem and sure
the town was full and overflowing
hordes of David's children going
back and forth to find them shelter.
Joseph got all of a swelter
could not find a room with bed
for his spouse to lay her head
and to top it all a mild
fever she did have. Her child
had not liked the aching trip
wanted to be born, skip ship,
come into the world a-craving
for its Saviour and His saving.

26 Joseph to a hostler cried,
"See my wife, I have not lied,
she is with child and now is due.
Is there nothing you can do?"
"Look, young man, the keeper said,
"all I have left is a shed.
It's out the back, the ox and ass
both sleep in it; it has no class.
Listen, friend, you keep your cash
- you'll need it to buy more than trash
to feed the child if his good looks
are like his mum's.....alright, me ducks?"
Businessmen are humans too,
sometimes honest, good and true.

27 So there they stayed, the child was born
on a cold December morn.
Mother had a baby-grow
to keep her child warm from the snow
and after he fell fast asleep
she laid him in the manger deep.
In the straw Joseph his form
round Mary curled to keep her warm
when suddenly to break his snores
a shepherd boy pushed ope' the doors.
"Where's this baby, then?" he stammered
as his pulse and temple hammered.
"We got the news and ran so fast
hoping that we weren't the last!"

28 "Weren't the last? What do you mean?"
Said Joseph looking at the scene,
for shepherd, puffing at the door,
was being crowded out by more
who pushed and shoved to get a view
of this wonder baby new.
The shepherd told of angel's song
recanted by a glorious throng
who told of saviour-baby born,
who hailed redemption's happy dawn.
They knew that down there in the town
was their Messiah to be found
in stable bare, with maiden cold,
and so their wondrous story told.

29 "Come in," said Joe, "your story's fired
our hearts and though my wife is tired
your need to worship is quite clear.
We'll pay the price now, have no fear,
as Love now lives amongst us true
and He has come for me and you
the strength He gives to us is great.
Although the night is very late
a new day dawns, you must not wait
this is the time, today's the date,
for God is craving for your love
and so His Child from heaven above
is born on earth to be a King
so well you might his praises sing."

30 As Mary held her little Child
Who seemed to them so meek and mild
the shepherds worshipped, then abroad
their story told as their hearts soared
to think that their Emmanuel
was come to save them all from hell.
Back to their fields then went all singing
with love-filled hearts like angels winging,
Now what comes next is often missed
for Mary was with worry kissed.
For t keep the Law she took the Child
to Temple and was reconciled
with Creed and Moses and the priest
then could back home for welcome feast;

31 but in the Temple was a man
all old and wrinkled like a clam.
This old man cried: "Praise be the Lord
the Saviour's come; I can afford
now to go home and to my rest,
for Israel at last is blessed.
Now you, young maid: your fruit is gol'
but soon a sword will pierce your soul!
For He for whom our nation waits
to let them in thru' heaven's gates
some will raise up and some cast down
for they will even tilt His crown.
When each man's thoughts are laid out bare,
you'll see in some, no love is there."

32 Now in the East some wise men saw
a star which in the sky did yaw
and reading charts and signs and things
did say the star was born for kings
so they decided it to follow
until said star would stop and wallow
at the place this king to find;
they came afar, with caravan, mind
and on the road yet others did see
until their troupe became full three.
Three wise men, then, to west they came
unto Palestine land by name
and there they found a king, now old
and cruel and greedy, so were told.

33 They told him of their wondrous quest
that brought them so far to the west
a king to seek and by chance find,
who by now ruled their hearts and mind;
how they'd brought gifts and treasures too
to offer this boy king so new.
They asked of him if he did know
the town wherein the child should grow
but Herod didn't have a clue
and admitted the same thing too.
Now Herod as I said was mean
and saw no room upon his scene
for a pretender to his throne
which was for him and him alone.

34 The evil king said to the sages
"I know your quest has taken ages
and I don't have the time to go
and search with you, but when you know
the place and line of this young king
haste back to me the news to bring
that I may also come and worship
the baby who lies there in lordship."
Of course, the evil man intended
that soon the baby's life be ended.
He hoped the wise would do the work
which even his own men would shirk
of seeking out this new-born king
so he could do his foulest thing.

35 So t wise men left the palace gold
and with their train to quest of old
returned and, joy, beheld the star
again which had led them so far.
Once more it led, then settled down
and shone bright o'er Bethlehem town
which still buzzed with the shepherds' tale
when men sat down with glass of ale.
So thus the wise men found the child
who with his mother meek and mild
welcomed them all into the place
while Joseph stood with beaming face.
They prostrate fell and Him adored:
the one the stars had shown as Lord.

36 Just look, they've brought a baby-shower
these men so wise and old and dour:
The first has gold so richly shining
for one who is born to be the king.
The second frankincense did bring
that even air around will sing
and smell so sweet, fit for the Lord
whom they have seen and have adored.
The third had myrrh because he knew
the pain that this child would go through
that he would die to claim his throne
but so would leave no man alone
and would become a servant king.
Who ever heard of such a thing?

37 Now as they set to homeward go
an angel said to the three: "No!
Do not call back to see the king
for he does mean an evil thing
upon the God-child to befall
for he intends to keep his thrall
and does not know the nature of
the new-born King and Lord of Love".
So three wise men, calm and discreet
took the advice and turned their feet
and went back home another way
and never went back there to say
to Herod that the boy they found
or utter any other sound.

38 At last Herod found he'd been tricked
so wife and guards and slaves he kicked
and made edict that he thus willed
that Bethle'ms babies all be killed.
That way, he thought the childhood king
would too be slain, but no such thing
for God was so much greater than
this puny little selfish man.
God sent to Joe an angel fair
who woke him up and said "You there,
get up with wife and little one
and quick, before the sun has shone,
get thee hence far from this town
for Herod would put the boy down."

39 So up they jumped and fast did flee
out to the coast, along the sea
until at last they did repair
into the land of Egypt where
far from the clutch of Herod's men
they could begin to live again.
For many years they lived down there
and Jesus grew both strong and fair
and loved his Mum and loved his "Dad";
by heck, he were a gradely lad!
Then one day came the news to them
that Herod, choking on his phlegm
had passed away and could do no harm
to them. At last, end of alarm.

40 Well back they went, intent to see
if Nazareth, Joe's town, could be
a fitting place for them to live,
if it a livelihood could give.
Well, Joseph, he did work in wood
so now carpenter's shop he could
set up and work and earn their bread
while Mary could fill Jesus' head
with psalms and songs and words of love
and stories of their God above
who chose their nation from the rest
to bring the world the very best
chance of success in life and love:
a Saviour-King from heaven above.

41 And little do we know of then
until the word pops up again
since Jesus, young man's now to be
so has to go and bend His knee
in homage to Almighty God
who cares for men with pick or hod
or farmers ploughing in the field
or warriors dressed with sword and shield.
Whate'er their bent, whate'er their game
Lord Sabaoth treats them the same.
So up Jerusalem they went
and probably stayed the nights in tent
and went to show the teachers true
that Jesus all the books He knew.

42 Well through the test with flying colour
Jesus went because His Mother
was His teacher all those years -
that He would pass she'd had no fears;
and true enough the lad was bright
He did the tests all in one night.
So up they packed and home did go
with caravan, right long and slow;
and Mary thought that her young man
was showin' t'others how he can
explain the Law and Prophets well
and know the way to keep from Hell,
or Sheol as they called it then.
Her Jesus would be with the men.

43 But Joseph and the other men
did not think a moment when
there was no sign of his young mate
no-one had seen Him since the gate.
"He'll be behind there, with his ma
the young man won't be very far.
Just wait a while, for soon He'll be
up here at front with you and me."
But young man never up front came
then when His mother sought the same
the truth did dawn in parents' mind
the boy must have been left behind.
So back they ran, two days away!
Where could their baby be, they pray?

44 Back to Jerusalem they flew
all in a tear, what a to-do!
And could they see the boy in town?
They hunted up, they hunted down.
By fountains, wells and market-stall
but could not find their child at all.
Then someone saw them in their plight
and told how they had seen the sight
of noble lad, fair, tall and bold
standing in the Temple gold
and holding out with learned guys
and showing too that He is wise
and teaching them a thing or two
about sweet Scripture's meaning true.

45 "Is it my boy?", poor Mary cried
to Joseph and the two then hied
fast as could go to Temple high
to find if that tale were a lie
or if their own prodigy son
had done what had been said he'd done.
Then true to life in Temple gold
their young man stood so proud and bold
and spoke with doctors and scribes too
of the great God He so well knew
and told them meanings of the word
in ways that they had never heard
from men or angels from above
of how the great Lord God is Love.

46 Well, Mary couldn't keep her calm
she grabbed the boy and told what harm
he'd done to her and to his dad;
could he be such a thoughtless lad?
"But Mother dear," the boy did cry,
"me hurt you, I would rather die!
Did you not stop to think and pray?
To do My Father's Will's my way.
And always, though it makes you cry,
my task on earth I have to try
to fulfil with the Father's Love
to bring all men to heaven above.
That's why I'm here now with these men
to teach the Father's Love again!"

47 But seeing that his Mum was hurt
this son of Mary felt like dirt
and keen to make amends, with them
to Nazareth went back again.
He stayed at home and helped the pair
to grow in love and service there
until at last the day came by
for old man Joe at last to die.
How Mary and Her Son both wept
then Jesus prayed His Father kept
that Joseph would not have to wait
'til t' Saviour opened heaven's gate;
that Joe be ever with his son
from death's moment time would be gone.

48 So through the love of Jesus true
nature does change so that we too
can cast off time in heaven above
and share true joy and peace and love
earned for us all, so let us sing
and praise Our Lord Redeemer King.
But once again I jump the gun
the story may be well begun
but at the crucial point not yet
have we arrived. I'll bet
that some of you are getting tired
because your hearts are not as fired
as mine with this long tale so bold
of love of Christ for Man, not gold.

49 Well now we jump through time awhile
when Jesus taught as man with smile;
for three long years He tried to show
the people the right way to go.
How to earn road to heaven above
they had to learn the way to love;
and what that meant when it were true
and not just what the people do
to gain the better of their friends
and how it meant to make amends
for wrong and meanness, lust and greed.
By heck, what teaching they did need.
Now don't sit back all smug and smile
we too are sinners most the while!

50 Now in three years, as you'll have heard
the people got tired of the Word
because he made them see the way
that teachers led the folk astray
and took their money and their pain
but never gave love back again.
As he upset the status quo
they said that he would have to go
and schemed, and tricked and swore and lied
my goodness, you all would have died
to learn of all the things they did
to make sure that they would get rid
of He Who taught the Father's Word
of love as 'fore was never heard.

51 So in the end they had Him done
and strung Him up, thought they had won;
but could not learn, still to this day,
that God's way is a diff'rent way.
So though they thought the man they'd killed
instead they only helped Him build
the real man that was God's design
right from the very start of time.
For with this man power of sin died
then in a grave three days he lied.
Then on the third came God's reward
when Jesus had His life restored
and resurrected from the grave
He came again all men to save.

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